How AI-Powered Algorithms Will Transform Supply Chains

May 8, 2018

In today’s supply chains there is so much data that is generated. This data needs to be capitalised on by businesses to ensure that it is understood and used to make powerful and informed decisions that drive a company forward. Using data efficaciously means that businesses are able to move away from a traditional supply chain into a digital supply chain. Digital supply chains are leading-edge, completely integrated and are fully transparent to all involved – from the raw material suppliers, parts supplier and transporters right through to the customer whose demand is being fulfilled. Read more

The Impact of AI on Logistics and Transport

February 16, 2018

Many companies already have access to what is termed ‘big data‘, providing information on almost every aspect of the supply chain. That’s great, but big data is only useful if it can be interpreted quickly and easily. Pumping big data to a team of analysts with spreadsheets is never going to leverage its maximum benefits, so analytical algorithms have been developed to support this analysis. However, algorithms must be developed and tweaked by people which takes time. The answer to this problem is now coming in the shape of artificial intelligence (AI). Read more