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Our logistics consultants are experts in assessing logistics risks, issues and opportunities before designing optimal solutions and rapidly implementing the changes required.

Whilst logistics operations can be varied and complex, all risks, issues and opportunities come from the four critical requirements of logistics: ensuring material flows to the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity with maximum efficiency.

If you believe there are risks to your material flow, issues that need to be addressed or opportunities to be leveraged, our logistics consultants are the experts you need.


Craig Willoughby CMILT

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Craig leads all UK logistics consultancy projects including warehousing, transport, 3PL solution design and logistics operational development.

To discuss your logistics consultancy requirements please contact Craig.
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The challenges of logistics

The number of variables and constraints in any logistics network makes logistics a challenging task.

Warehouse location, capacity and processes, combined with transportation complexities and varying customer demand, make logistics an especially complex environment to plan and manage effectively.

Further to the complexities, logistics also typically represents a large proportion of business operating costs and is often customer facing. This means that the failure of logistics operations will always attract a lot of attention! However, getting logistics right is one of the biggest levers a business has to improve the bottom line and customer satisfaction.


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Clear logistics solutions

Are you concerned with any risks or issues in your logistics network? Are there opportunities to improve that you’re struggling to deliver? As logistics experts with decades of consultancy and operational experience, we’re the support you need.

Using highly analytical but pragmatic approaches, we can help you find  and deliver solutions that ensure your material flows to the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity with maximum efficiency.

Our logistics consultants will provide clear logistics solutions which recognise real world constraints, ensure rapid implementation and stakeholder satisfaction.

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Logistics consultancy services

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Logistics Network Design

Are you looking to reduce or increase your network footprint? Do you need to know how many warehouses you need, where they should be located, how big they should be?

Do you also need to determine what resource you will require, what types of vehicles will suit your demand profile and what vehicle routes will need to be deployed?

These are all questions we can answer for you through logistics network design using optimisation software and linear programming techniques, along with practical experience.

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Logistics Outsourcing

There are a host of third party logistics providers offering traditional warehousing and transportation services, but also extended services covering in-plant logistics, contract manufacturing and assembly and packing services.

Managing a logistics tender is unlike many other areas of procurement. You are buying a service, not a commodity, and the service offered will depend on how well you and the 3PL have assessed your operational requirements and throughputs.

We are experts at profiling operational requirements and leading logistics outsourcing initiatives.

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3PL Tender Management

Tendering logistics operations is not a typical procurement exercise – it is a first step in developing a long-term relationship with a 3rdparty logistics provider.

The tender management process needs to accurately reflect not only the operational profile of the requirement, but also the aspiration and strategic direction of your company. Furthermore, to get the right solution you have to ensure that the right 3PLs are fully engaged with the process.

Our logistics consultants have worked extensively in both tendering logistics opportunities and designing solutions in response to logistics tenders.

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Transport Routing

Transportation often accounts for up to 70% of logistics spend. Optimisation of routes and fleet profile can be a significant lever to reduce cost.

The aim of all vehicle fleet operations is to minimise route time and distance whilst maintaining the right service levels. We can provide expert support in not only route optimisation, but also fleet profiling, location analysis and cost to serve assessment.

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3PL Solution Design

There is rapid growth in the 3rd party logistics market and an increasing need for 3PL providers to deliver solutions that are not only optimised for cost, but also optimised for agility.

All of our logistics consultants have a career background in the 3PL sector and we can draw on that experience, along with our consultancy experience of tendering logistics operations, to design market leading 3PL solutions.

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Warehouse Consultancy

Warehouses are, by their very nature, a logistics inefficiency. A warehouse is a decoupling point in the logistics network where material flow stops, and when that material flow stops, then non-value costs start to accrue.

Our team of consultants have industry leading expertise in designing and managing warehouses and are here to ensure non-value costs are minimised, and material flow is optimised.


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