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Interim Logistics & Supply Chain Management
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Interim management is a service we offer as an extension of our consultancy with existing clients, or as a standalone service to new clients.

Interim management is the temporary placement of an experienced supply chain and logistics leader into your company at short notice for a finite period, usually 3 to 6 months. We have a wide network of professional interim managers that we work with and can call upon to manage new and existing clients through a period of change.

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Clients include:

Interim management

How the Team at Paul Trudgian Can Help

With existing clients, our consultancy work is to identify opportunities for improvement in all aspects of supply chain and logistics. Sometimes, the opportunities identified require long-term interim support, outside of the traditional consultancy time-frame, from specifically skilled individuals that are not already within the client organisation. In these instances, we offer interim management support, ensuring that all the identified objectives are progressed, delivered and monitored.

Furthermore, Paul Trudgian Ltd will remain engaged and accountable for the delivery of those objectives through the interim manager. This ensures continuity and provides the client with a performance assurance that cannot be matched by interim agencies.

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