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Transport routing is a mathematical optimisation problem with a large number of constraints including vehicle capacity, access restrictions, load configuration and delivery windows. We are experts at the modelling required to optimise fleet profiles and transport routing.

Transportation is a major cost factor within any logistics operation. Often transport accounts for up to 70% of logistics spend and rarely is it less than 30%. Consequently, maximising the utilisation of transport assets is a main area of focus for transport routing.

The ultimate goal of transport routing is to minimise route time or distance, whilst maximising vehicle fill and reducing assets. Of course, this also needs to be balanced against service level agreements and operational constraints. This is where our consulting team excel; we can plan your transport operation at a granular level, whilst factoring in all constraints and service level requirements.

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How our consultancy support can help optimise your transport fleet

When considering all of the different levels of service requirement and operational criteria in most logistics operations, transport routing can become highly complex. Time windows, varying vehicle capacities, access restrictions and driving hours are just some of the constraints that make modelling the most efficient vehicle routes highly challenging.

Using a combination of our own in-house developed tools, and specialist 3rd party software, we are able to model the most efficient transport operation giving insight into optimal fleet configuration, vehicle and trailer numbers, drivers shifts and daily route plans.

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The aspects of transport optimisation our consultants can help your business with include:


Latest Transport Logistics Insights

You will find our Insights section a valuable resource of information, guidance and opinion on all aspects of supply chain and logistics. If you would like to understand more about transport logistics please browse the articles below.

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