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Logistics & Supply Chain Management Support
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As part of our service portfolio, we support our clients not only with expert consultancy, but also with more integrated management services to help companies through extended supply chain and logistics projects or major change management.

We are able to truly partner with our clients, providing the skills, expertise and time required to go above and beyond the normal remit of consultancy and provide comprehensive business support for all aspects of supply chain and logistics management.

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Clients include:


How the team at Paul Trudgian can help

Businesses very often need extended support in delivering improvements identified by our supply chain consultants. This can be driven by limited availability of internal resource or not having the right skill sets in-house to fully deliver the objectives.

In these situations, Paul Trudgian Ltd are able to deploy specialist support to facilitate change management, undertake project management or provide an interim placement. See the tabs below on how our team can support your business:


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The areas of logistics management we can help with include:

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