Supply Chain & Logistics Project Management
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Objective delivery in supply chain and logistics development is often a project orientated environment requiring structured and professionally delivered project management.

Project management is a professional discipline within itself, requiring skills in people management, stakeholder engagement, budget control, scheduling and risk mitigation.

The consultants at Paul Trudgian Ltd are highly skilled and experienced in managing logistics and supply chain projects – from the commissioning of new warehouse facilities through to the implementation of S&OP and IBP processes. Our team fully understand, and can manage on our client’s behalf, every stage of project management ensuring that objectives are appropriately planned, organised and controlled.

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Clients include:

Project Management

How our consultants can help

Our consultants apply rigorous project management methodologies, taking every project through the 5 key stages of conception, definition, commencement, performance and completion.

All projects require a controlled and measured delivery, and this is exactly what our consulting team will ensure. Across every stage of the project the team will manage task assignment, timing, communication, risks and budgets.

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Project management aspects we can support for you

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