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Logistics outsourcing is an increasingly common initiative in many industries. The requirement to outsource logistics has grown in line with globalisation and increasing time and cost constraints on logistics operations. We’re here to guide and manage you through every aspect of outsourcing.

Outsourcing logistics or supply chain operations is a major undertaking, and requires a full understanding of the business case, and full and detailed analysis of 3PL proposals from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective. To truly get the best solution from the 3PL market, companies need to engage providers in an open and collaborative way; they need to ensure that the logistics provider has a full and detailed understanding of how their operation works, and they need to approach the market with a clear and structured process.

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Clients include:

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How our consultants can help with outsourcing logistics

Our consulting team have extensive experience of managing logistics tenders, and also of designing logistics solutions on behalf of 3PLs. Regardless of the type of logistics operations being outsourced, a clear and accountable process needs to be followed to ensure 3PL solutions offered are efficient and consistent with cost and service expectations.

Logistics operations can consume a large proportion of a company’s operating costs, and are very often customer facing. Consequently there are significant risks that must be managed to ensure that the process for tendering, supplier selection and implementation is diligent and effective.

Our logistics consultants are extremely well-versed in logistics outsourcing and the 3PL market. Some of the key areas where we can support you include:


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Aspects of logistics outsourcing we can manage for you include:

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