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Supply chain planning can be complex but our expertise will guide you through.


It's a complex world...

Supply chains are a complex network of companies, people, resources, systems and information. The potential for disconnects and sub-optimisation between all of these different elements is significant, and efficient supply chain planning is a necessity. Our supply chain planning consultants are here to ensure your supply chain is optimised and efficient.

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Many functions to consider

Supply chain planning covers the interrelation of functions at a strategic, tactical and operational level. These functions include customer service, order processing, warehousing, transportation, and inventory whilst the supply chain processes that make the interrelation include forecasting, supply scheduling, capacity planning, production scheduling, inventory management and logistics network design.


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Is your planning effective?

Effective supply chain planning is the ‘glue’ that ensures physical logistics operations are synchronised with the cost and service drivers of a business. Supply chain planning processes should always be designed to be simple, efficient and, of course, effective.

Our supply chain consultants have a wealth of experience in all aspects of planning efficient and effective supply chains; from designing distribution centres through to aligning strategy and operations with S&OP platforms.

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Supply chain planning services

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Inventory Optimisation

Inventory is often one of the most expensive assets a company owns and all inventory should be justified and optimised. We can deliver the modelling, process and implementation of an efficient and optimised inventory policy, helping you to improve service and reduce working capital.

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Demand Forecasting

Our team can build robust and dynamic statistical models for generating sales forecasts and we can support that with the development of processes to ensure the forecast has cross-functional approval.

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Production Planning

Many businesses operate with legacy ERP systems that either do not have production planning functionality, or the functionality is not comprehensive enough. Our supply chain consultants are able to both map and design required planning processes, from strategic S&OP down to production schedule execution, and also develop tools to facilitate these processes.

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Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) is a process that harmonises the supply and demand plans of a business over the mid-to-long term horizon, as well as integrating market and financial planning. We have extensive experience of designing and implementing S&OP, with an industry proven 5 step approach. 


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