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Supply chain consultancy and management is concerned with ensuring that efficient processes and networks are in place to facilitate the logistics of getting material to the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity. We’re here to help you do just that by providing expert support in all aspects of your supply chain planning.

Supply chain management is not just logistics, it is a wide and varied requirement that includes procurement, supply and demand planning, forecasting, network design and inventory control.

Due both to the cross-functional nature and breadth of activities required, supply chains can be hugely complex. With this complexity comes risk; from risk associated with upstream service disruption to the risks that fluctuating demand downstream can create. The number of variables to deal with, and constraints, even in relatively short supply chains can make it’s management a very difficult task that requires detailed planning. Our consultants are experts in their fields and can support your business with both planning and delivering improvements.

How our consultancy support can help develop your supply chain

Do you need help ensuring your business processes and networks are efficient? As supply chain experts, we are here to help with all your supply chain management needs.  We are a highly analytical team with decades of experience in both planning and operational roles.  We have a thorough understanding of data modelling, forecasting and relevant mathematical techniques to ensure your supply chain is optimised and to facilitate the logistics of getting the right product to the right place at the right time.

Areas where our supply chain consultancy services can support your business include:

Inventory Optimisation - Paul Trudgian PlanningWhat inventory levels do you really need? How do you calculate the optimum levels of inventory ensuring a balance between working capital and service levels?

How do you satisfy the finance team that the level of inventory held is efficient, and at the same time satisfy sales that the level of inventory held will meet customer service targets?

What levers will allow you to reduce inventory, but still meet customer service targets and working capital constraints? These are questions that we can help you answer, ensuring that you have a robust, efficient and service driven inventory policy for the future.

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Demand ForecastingDemand forecasting is a key requirement, not just for sales budgeting, but to enable efficient utilisation of assets, reduced operating costs and improved customer service.

The demand planning process that delivers the forecast should always be a cross-functional process ensuring engagement from production, logistics, finance, marketing and of course, sales.

We are experts in the design of demand planning processes, along with the development of statistical models to support baseline forecasting.

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supply chain planning

Logistics and supply chain activities can absorb a high proportion of a businesses sales revenue and consequently detailed planning and cost optimisation are critical.

The science of supply chain planning is optimising how functions like production, order processing, procurement, warehousing and transport interrelate, and how to ensure your customers get the required service through the lowest cost to market.

Supply chain planning requires a host of skills, from applied mathematics to organisational behaviour. We can help you optimise your processes

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Production PlanningEffective production planning is key to ensuring efficient manufacturing operations. Correctly designed, systems driven production planning enables a manufacturing operation to align resource and material requirements in accordance with both internal and external demand signals.

Our consultants can map all the required production planning processes for you, from strategic S&OP right down to the execution of a production schedule. Furthermore, where production planning functionality in your ERP isn’t available, or not suited to purpose, then our consultants are able to design, build and deploy robust production planning and scheduling tools for you.

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S&OP ConsultantS&OP should, at its foundation, be a simple and quickly executed monthly business process to ensure that supply and demand are balanced on the mid-to-long term horizon. The objective of S&OP is to action any capacity constraints or reduced sales before they impact the operational execution plans.

We have undertaken several major S&OP designs and implementations. We are available to assist you with conceptual design, fully detailed process design, sales forecasting, capacity planning and portfolio management.

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What our clients are saying

We approach every project with the highest standards of professionalism, ensuring that client expectations are delivered in a clear, concise and timely manner. We take personal pride in every aspect of project delivery – from the initial proposal through to the final report – we aim to be outstanding.

Trojan Utilities Logo Supply Chain Management Paul Trudgian Ltd

We recognised that the capability of our supply chain was a real differentiator in our market, and Paul Trudgian has really helped take it to the next level. Paul recommended some key developments in route optimisation, network configuration, warehouse processes and team development. Everything presented was clear, concise and well supported by thorough assessment.


Managing Director, Trojan Utilities

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