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Supply Chain Consultants Paul Trudgian Supply Chain Logistics Consultancy

Supply Chain Consultancy

Providing industry leading supply chain
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Supply Chain
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Logistics Consultants Paul Trudgian Supply Chain Logistics Consultancy

Logistics Consultancy

Whatever logistics challenge you face,
big or small, we're here to deliver.

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Warehouse Consultancy

Warehouse Consultancy

From new build design to space
optimisation, we're here to help.

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Management Support Supply Chain Management Paul Trudgian Ltd

Management Support

We ensure the delivery of change
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Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants

Supply Chain Consultants Consultancy Chain

Supply Chain Consultancy

We are leading supply chain consultants helping companies leverage the best service and value from their supply chains.

Logistics Consultants Consultancy Operational Planning Processes Delivery

Logistics Consultancy

Our Logistics Consultants are experts in operational planning, ensuring processes deliver at the right time to the right place.

Warehouse Consultants Consultancy Warehousing New Build Design Space Optimisation

Warehouse Consultancy

We’re here to help in every aspect of warehousing – from location analysis through to new build design or space optimisation.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management Support Paul Trudgiian Ltd

Management Support

Read how we can help you ensure delivery of change through supply chain project management and interim placement.

Experience led solutions, focused on value and delivered by experts.

Who We Are

Paul Trudgian Ltd is an Institute of Consulting Recognised Practice, and a Corporate Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, providing industry leading supply chain and logistics consultancy across all sectors in the UK.

Based in Birmingham, and working for clients across the UK,  we are a customer focused supply chain and logistics consultancy with an enviable client base across multiple sectors and a market leading reputation. Our clients in the Retail sector include well-known names such as Hobbycraft and Maplin Electronics; in the Industrial sector we have been working with major multinationals such as Fugro and the Quartz Corporation, and in the Medical Devices sector we have been working with one of the UK’s leading medical device manufacturers, Advanced Medical Solutions plc.

What We Do

Our supply chain and logistics consultants blend decades of experience, in both logistics management and supply chain modelling, to support our clients in developing market leading supply chains.

The consulting team bring a range of expertise crossing every field of supply chain and logistics development; from logistics operational development such as warehouse design and transport routing, through to statistical forecast modelling and the implementation of cross-functional management processes such as S&OP. Our consultants, through industry experience and continuing professional development with organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport, remain at the forefront of changes in the supply chain and logistics arena. Whatever logistics or supply chain challenge you face, our team of experts are here to support you.

How We Do It

Our focus is to deliver value in our service and value to our clients supply chains. We achieve this through an open, methodical and analytical approach to all client engagements.

We bring a fresh and focused offering to the market by providing both operational and strategic supply chain consultancy. We deliver fast-paced, practical and pragmatic advice on supply chain and logistics development for all sizes of business. For us, it doesn’t matter if the project is 1 day or 100 days, or if you’re a start-up business or a major multinational corporation. We engage every client with a tailored approach; providing clear experience led solutions, focused on value and delivered with integrity by experts.

Recent Clients Include

How our Supply Chain Consultants can help your business:

Supply Chain ConsultantsSupply Chain

What inveInventory Optimisationntory levels do you really need? How do you calculate the optimum levels of inventory ensuring a balance between working capital and service levels?

How do you satisfy the finance team that the level of inventory held is efficient, and at the same time satisfy the sales team that the level of inventory held will meet customer service targets?

What levers will allow you to reduce inventory, but still meet customer service targets and working capital constraints?

These are questions that we can help you answer, ensuring that you have a robust, efficient and service driven inventory policy for the future.

Read more about Optimising Inventory

Demand ForecastingDemand forecasting is a key requirement, not just for sales budgeting, but to enable efficient utilisation of assets, reduced operating costs and improved customer service.

The demand planning process that delivers the forecast should always be a cross-functional process ensuring engagement from production, logistics, finance, marketing and of course, sales.

We are experts in the design of demand planning processes, along with the development of statistical models to support baseline forecasting.

Read more about Sales and Demand Forecasting

supply chain planningLogistics and supply chain activities can absorb a high proportion of a business’s sales revenue and consequently detailed planning and cost optimisation are critical.

The science of supply chain planning is optimising how functions like production, order processing, procurement, warehousing and transport interrelate, and how to ensure your customers get the required service through the lowest cost to market.

Supply chain planning requires a host of skills, from applied mathematics to organisational behaviour. We are here to help you optimise all elements of your supply chain and logistics operations.

Read more about Supply Chain Planning

Production PlanningEffective production planning processes are critical to ensuring manufacturing materials and resources are aligned to internal demand signals triggered through a Bill of Materials, and the external demand signals triggered by the forecast and/or order book.

Our supply chain consultants are able to map and optimise the required production planning and scheduling processes and, where required, are able to build the required planning and scheduling models.

Read more about Production Planning

S&OP ConsultantS&OP should, at its foundation, be a simple and quickly executed monthly business process to ensure that supply and demand are balanced on the mid-to-long term horizon.

The objective of S&OP is to action any capacity constraints or reduced sales before they impact the operational execution plans.

We are available to assist you with conceptual design, fully detailed process design, sales forecasting, capacity planning and portfolio management. We deploy a proven 5 step S&OP process.

Read More about S&OP Design & Implementation

Logistics ConsultantsLogistics

logistics network designAre you looking to reduce or increase your network footprint? Do you need to know how many warehouses you need, where they should be located, how big they should be?

Do you also need to determine what resource you will require, what types of vehicles will suit your demand profile and what vehicle routes will need to be deployed?

These are all questions our logistics consultants can answer for you through our logistics network design service. Using specialist optimisation software, along with mathematical programming techniques and practical experience, our team are able to design fully optimised logistics networks.

Read more about Logistics Network Design

Tendering Logistics Operations - Transportation LinksOur Logistics Consultants have extensive expertise in all aspects of logistics outsourcing. From determining the business case to outsource, through to fully managing the logistics tender and finally implementing the change. Several of our consultants also have backgrounds in the 3PL sector, designing and implementing 3PL solutions.

Read more about Logistics Outsourcing

Transport RoutingTransportation often accounts for up to 70% of logistics spend. Optimisation of routes and fleet profile can be a significant lever to reduce cost.

The aim of all vehicle fleet operations is to minimise route time and distance whilst maintaining the right service levels.

We can provide expert support in not only route optimisation, but also fleet profiling, location analysis and cost to serve assessment.

Read more about Transport Routing

Logistics Tender ManagementThe market for outsourced logistics services is very mature, especially in the UK. Within the market there are a host of third party logistics providers offering traditional warehousing and transportation services, but also extended services covering in-plant logistics, contract manufacturing and packing services.

Managing a logistics tender is unlike many other areas of procurement. You are buying a service, not a commodity, and the service offered will depend on how well you and the 3PL have assessed your operational requirements and throughput. Consequently seeking the professional support of logistics consultants is critical.

Read more about Logistics Tender Management

3PL Solution Design

Our logistics consultants have extensive experience of both solution design on behalf of 3PLs, and procuring logistics services on behalf of clients.

Our consulting team can undertake all aspects of prospect engagement and solution design, including validation of the opportunity, detailed modelling of transport and warehouse solutions and the delivery of full tender responses.

Read more about 3PL Solution Design

Warehouse ConsultantsWarehousing

Warehouse DesignAre you looking to to optimise your warehouse configuration and increase space and throughput? Are you seeking the optimal configuration for an e-commerce operation, national distribution centre or regional warehouse facility?

Do you need warehouse design expertise to not only design a best in class solution, but also determine the capital and operational cost requirements?

These are all areas where we can help you. Our warehouse consultants have decades of warehouse design experience and can support you with design, costing, MHE selection and equipment purchase. The consultants are also able to fully manage the implementation of proposed changes.

Read more about Warehouse Design

Inventory Management ConsultancyInventory needs to be managed effectively to ensure it doesn’t negatively impact the available warehouse storage and operating space, as well as tie-up working capital. As part of our warehouse consultancy we can design and implement an optimised inventory policy, making sure service levels are met whilst reducing working capital deployment and maximising warehouse space availability. Read more about inventory management.

Warehouse Operations ManagementWarehouse Operations Management is the science of managing the warehouse resources and functional behaviour through robust and efficient process design and control.

To operate a truly efficient warehouse operation there is a need to continuously focus on how to reduce waste, increase efficiency and consequently improve profitability.

Our warehouse consultants can assist you, in both a manufacturing and distribution warehouse context, in delivering evaluation of current performance, redesigning or improving processes, optimising warehouse layouts and reducing cycle times.

Read more about Warehouse Operations Management

warehouse location analysisUsing our own in-house developed tools, we are able to support clients in undertaking centre of gravity modelling,  and warehouse sizing and demand allocation, based on a range of possible drivers including transport costs, distance and service lead times.

Read more about Warehouse Location Analysis

Warehouse Facility SearchThe warehouse consultants at Paul Trudgian Ltd are able to provide a full-service offering in terms of warehouse facility search.

Our consulting team can support clients in the identification and sourcing of suitable warehouse facilities, and can also project manage the full conveyancing, transfer and implementation process on a clients behalf.

Read more about Warehouse Facility Search


Here’s what some of our clients are saying

The Quartz Corporation Raw Material Finished Goods Inventories Global Supply Chain

A clear, concise and analytical approach, with stakeholder engagement throughout, helped us reduce inventories while not compromising customer service.

Chief Executive Officer, The Quartz Corp
Hobbycraft Logo Paul Trudgian Supply Chain Logistics Consultancy

We used Paul to tender our transport operation and he not only met expectation he exceeded it. His approach was professional, neutral, well balanced and structured…

Head of Distribution, Hobbycraft
Trojan Utilities Logo Supply Chain Management Paul Trudgian Ltd

Paul Trudgian has really helped take our supply chain to the next level…everything presented was clear, concise and well supported through thorough assessment.

Managing Director, Trojan Utilities
Maplin Electronics Specialist Logo Paul Trudgian Supply Chain and Logistics Consultancy

Paul made the logistics tender process extremely straightforward and acted without any bias to any provider. Paul’s professionalism shines through…

Head of Supply Chain, Maplin

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We can assist you with all aspects of supply chain and logistics development, including inventory reduction, logistics network design, warehouse design, logistics outsourcing and S&OP.

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