How Machine Learning is Changing the Face of Supply Chain Management

August 6, 2018

Machine learning is providing insight and capability to supply chains in a way we could previously only dream of. Through machine learning, we are able to analyse and understand patterns which emerge, using algorithms to quickly utilise the most important data. Importantly, this process is also founded on continual improvement as the technology adapts. Patterns hold the key to business success in a vast number of ways. It can even revolutionise the way we do things. The fact that this occurs without manual input, using machine learning, is even more incredible. Read more

Does Sustainability Lead to Better Companies?

August 2, 2018

Sustainability and thriving businesses go hand in hand. Globally, businesses are striving to increase their sustainability through concerted effort and drive. Whilst this no doubt ticks many boxes in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR), this isn’t the only reason why sustainability is good for business. In fact, the evidence points to sustainable businesses being more effective, efficient and even profitable. Read more

Why and How to Make Supply Chains Ethical with Blockchain

July 22, 2018

Blockchain may be the buzz concept of 2018 but there’s good reason for that. Technology emerges when there is a driving need. That’s what has happened here: supply chains are under immense and increasing pressure, with squeezed profit margins and performance visibility paramount. Further pressure comes from consumers themselves who now expect a radically different level of service, but also from regulators, stakeholders, and consumers again who expect a higher level of ethical and environmental responsibility. Read more

Why Amazon is Encouraging Entrepreneurs to Build Logistics Networks

July 15, 2018

Amazon is building a strong reputation for leading the trend when it comes to different business models and processes. Typically these start Stateside before making their way elsewhere, so it’s worth keeping an eye on what’s happening there. The latest interesting Amazon development is that they are encouraging individuals to start their own small logistics business. The idea is that these entrepreneurs would have a network of up to 40 vans capable of undertaking small-scale deliveries. This could cost them as little as $10,000 in start-up costs according to Amazon. Read more

The Difficulties in Applying Machine Learning to Supply Planning

July 7, 2018

The supply chain industry has been adopting machine learning and applying it to demand planning for quite some time now. We’ve seen its success and therefore it follows that attention has now turned to using machine learning to streamline and support supply, or production, planning. However, whilst in demand planning machine learning has been relatively straight-forward, applying machine learning to supply planning is a different kettle of fish and rife with difficulties and therefore requires a slightly different approach. Read more

Pre-Tender Notification: PT042 – 3PL Transport & Warehouse Contract (Wall Panels)

July 5, 2018

Paul Trudgian Ltd have been instructed by Europe’s leading manufacturer and distributor of decorative wall panels to help them source, through a competitive tender, a logistics provider to meet their UK warehousing and transport requirements on a 3-year closed-book contract. This is a pre-tender notification for logistics providers to register their interest in receiving the full Invitation to Tender (ITT) which will be issued on Monday 30th July 2018. Read more