Supply Chain Management is the New Frontline in Fighting Inflation

September 18, 2017

Despite the fact that UK inflation continues to creep up, the fact remains that globally, and nationally, inflation is still incredibly low compared with historical records. So, whilst the media gets itself in a frenzy of panic that economic growth will be restricted, those who look more closely at the data will realise that actually, the fears may not match the reality. Read more

Why is it Advantageous to Have a Diverse Supply Chain?

September 8, 2017

It’s always easy to get stuck in a rut. This is as true for a supply chain business as any other walk of life. However, whilst we’re seeing increasing diversity happen in overseas supply chains, we’re not seeing as much as we should here in the UK. This is reducing the advantage our supply chains could establish. So why is it advantageous to have a diverse supply chain? Read more

Manufacturing Issues That Will Affect Your Profitability

September 5, 2017

Although supply chains, and specifically manufacturing, are becoming more and more adept at using technology, there are still some key problem areas. Technology has both created the solutions, and highlighted the problems. The three main areas that we see negatively affecting manufacturers in terms of productivity, and consequently profitability, are: data management (and how it’s enacted), inventory and gross margin management. Read more

The Benefits of Real-time Route Optimisation

September 1, 2017

As ‘on-demand’ expectations increase within supply chains, the freight industry is under continuing pressure to deploy flexible and responsive transport networks that can react to rapid demand changes. In this article Dr Phillip Welch, Managing Director of Open Door Logistics, explains what real-time route optimisation is and how it can benefit freight networks. Read more

UK Takes Big Step to Tackle Modern Slavery in Supply Chains

August 11, 2017

Corporate social responsibility is a big issue for businesses. Consumers are actively seeking out businesses that have integrity, decent values, and give back. It’s not enough to just ‘say it’, but businesses have to live by it too. This means upholding ethical values throughout the supply chain, not just at the point of sale. In the UK, businesses that don’t ensure their suppliers uphold ethical values are now at risk of fines and a potential 2-year prison sentence. Read more