A New and Disruptive Model of Warehousing is on its Way

January 23, 2018

The UK start-up, Stowga, is in the process of bringing a disruptive model to the way warehousing has been previously managed, akin to that of Airbnb. Effectively, Stowga are a non-asset based ‘match-maker’, matching companies with available warehouse capacity with those that need additional capacity without committing to long-term fixed overheads. Principally, it’s an extension of the 3PL storage model, without being constrained to a 3PLs warehouse assets. So, what does this mean for others within the supply chain and warehouse industry? Read more

What to Consider Before Extending a Warehouse Lease

January 22, 2018

As businesses evolve, customer order patterns change and customer territories expand, it’s not unusual for the distribution requirements of a business to change significantly. Over time, logistics networks often need to be ‘defragmented’, with existing warehouse facilities reconfigured, moved or closed and new facilities commissioned. This could be driven by the need for larger premises, an increased national footprint or the introduction of additional activities to the warehouse such as kitting, sub-assembly or expanded e-commerce sales. Read more