Maximising Profits By Better Production Planning

March 7, 2017

The following post is a guest post from Jeff Woodham at Argenta – a leading provider of Test, Measurement, Control and Automation solutions. Argenta are specialists in developing bespoke software applications for simulation, forecasting, planning and scheduling. Read more

Look Ahead: What You Need to Know About Supply Chains in 2017

November 16, 2016

For several years now it has been necessary to view UK supply chains as entirely integral with a wider concept of a global supply chain. In many ways, with global trade barriers at their historically low levels, free trade was booming and seemingly borderless. But what’s in store for 2017? Read more

Cyber Security in Supply Chains

February 4, 2016

CERT-UK, the UK National Computer Emergency Response Team, has published advice which aims to help businesses better understand the risks of cyber-security in supply chains. Read more

Understanding JIT Supply Chains

April 10, 2015

Just in Time (JIT) supply chains represent the ideal warehouse management approach, one that is best defined by low inventory levels, a low cost of financing, and most importantly, an adherence to a doctrine of only having what’s required to meet customer demand. However, does that mean that any company, regardless of its size, its industry, its market, its customers’ demand, and or its product offering, can run this type of supply chain? No, it doesn’t.

Read more