Logistics Technology – The Competitive Weapon You Need

February 4, 2018

Competition is fierce in the logistics sector and therefore having a competitive advantage that sets your company apart, either from a business or consumer-demand perspective, is vital for survival and cashflow.  However, as consumer expectations increase and put pressure on order fulfilment cycle times and costs, the challenges and complexities for logistics operations grow. Because of these challenges logisticians are now looking at how technology can help them both from a productivity aspect as well as from a customer experience angle. Read more

The Closing Technology Gap Between 3PLs and Shippers

January 17, 2018

Third Party Logistics (3PL) in the modern arena is only possible when you have the right information and data available in a form you can use. This is only possible through the implementation of the right information technology. The Third Party Logistics Study 2018 which was recently released demonstrates that collaboration continues between 3PL providers and shippers. We’re going in the right direction. We’re using data to our advantage for good decision-making and supply chain management. This is all thanks to the use of IT. Read more

What’s On the Horizon for Supply Chains in 2018?

December 13, 2017

The world of supply chain management is continuing it’s rapid development, with AI and digitisation now deployed in many large organisations and starting to scale for small and medium-sized companies. As we approach the end of the year, what’s on the horizon for supply chains in 2018? What are the constants that will continue afoot, what lessons have we learned, and what trends will be developing as we head into the new year? Read more

Maximising Efficiency and Visibility Using the Supply Chain

July 16, 2017

Supply chains have immense power over a business, whilst also serving it. The supply chain has the ability to make the business a success, but events in the supply chain also have the ability to do immense damage. In fact, if you look closely at some of today’s big ‘winners’ such as Amazon, Walmart, Samsung and Apple, they all have something in common: a first-class supply chain. Effectiveness in the supply chain drives business. Read more

What Factors Have the Most Effect on Your End-to-End Supply Chain?

July 7, 2017

Supply chains are never static – they are constantly evolving and changing. This happens on the micro-level with the individual order, but also on the macro-level where huge industry shifts affect everyone. In fact, in the end-to-end supply chain, we’ve been undergoing some of the biggest changes ever, mostly fuelled by technological advances, and that landscape is still changing. Read more

Is There a Way to Simplify Demand Forecasting?

June 7, 2017

Despite technology bringing with it improved clarity and visibility in our supply chains – through data acquisition – much of a supply chain’s understanding of supply and demand still comes down to accurate demand forecasting. How do we improve the accuracy of our forecasting? Indeed, how accurate can we expect our demand forecasting to be? Read more