KFC Logistics Problems – Separating Fallacy from Reality

February 25, 2018

It would be fair to say that, over the last 10 days, KFC and DHL have not had the best time. Implementation problems on new logistics contracts are not uncommon, in fact, every new contract without exception will have unexpected implementation issues.

Whatever the issues have been for DHL (they have not been disclosed so far) their impact has been considerable for the KFC restaurants. However, let’s not be too negative, there’s a lot of fallacy being reported. Read more

3 Building Blocks of Logistics Network Design

February 3, 2018

The objective of logistics network design is to create a logistics network where the material flow between source and demand points can move as quickly and as efficiently as needed. Of course, logistics is subject to a host of geographical and time constraints and the essence of good logistics network design is to build an optimal ‘path’ around these constraints.

In designing this path, the logistics network designer must consider the three ‘building blocks’ of the network – location strategy, transport strategy, and inventory strategy. Read more

Marks and Spencer “Shakes Up” Its Supply Chain

February 1, 2018

Marks and Spencer has been in the news announcing changes that will affect and transform their supply chain. The announcement comes following yet another disappointing trade period over Christmas which saw the company once again record poor sales, as consumers continued to be price-led and more willing to hunt online for greater value for money. Even though the company sales grew by 3pc, the industry average for online fashion sales was 8pc. Read more

5 Objectives for Every Supply Chain Director

January 24, 2018

The role of a supply chain director is to control the movement of material from source to end customer. The remit is simple, but the execution is far from it. The constraining factors on material and information flow across any supply chain make the task challenging and occasionally very near impossible. Read more

What to Consider Before Extending a Warehouse Lease

January 22, 2018

As businesses evolve, customer order patterns change and customer territories expand, it’s not unusual for the distribution requirements of a business to change significantly. Over time, logistics networks often need to be ‘defragmented’, with existing warehouse facilities reconfigured, moved or closed and new facilities commissioned. This could be driven by the need for larger premises, an increased national footprint or the introduction of additional activities to the warehouse such as kitting, sub-assembly or expanded e-commerce sales. Read more

Supply Chain Network Design – Linking Strategy to Operational Efficiency

June 22, 2017

By looking at the supply chain’s network design, with a holistic view of all facets, it is possible to bring about improvements which will ultimately improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. Thoroughly evaluating network design, within the framework of the business strategy, can help to avoid disconnects between strategy, tactics and operations and help to deliver a responsive and efficient supply chain. Read more