Pre-Tender Notification: PT053 – 3PL Warehouse & Transport Contract (HVAC)

July 4, 2018

Paul Trudgian Ltd have been engaged to source a 3PL partner in the UK, by one of the market leaders in sustainable domestic heating products, servicing customers in the RMI sector (Renovation, Maintenance, Improvement) and the new housing market. The company is a dominant provider in Northern Europe and has been a public listed entity since 1997. The company is seeking the provision of warehouse and transport services, contracted to a single 3PL provider, to service their UK market. The contract will be on a 3-year closed book basis. Read more

Modernising Third Party Logistics with Robotics Technology

June 4, 2018

Logistics is increasingly under focus in modern businesses as it is an area where real differentiation can be made. Strategic input can create efficiencies which have an immensely positive impact on customer perceptions and the bottom line. Where we are really seeing these efficiencies is in the area of automation and robotics in third-party logistics providers (3PLs). These technologies can remove manual tasks which can be slow and prone to human error. The result is improved performance, competitive advantage and increased revenue. Read more

The Fight for Retail Dominance Has Moved to the Warehouse

March 20, 2018

The UK now conducts over a fifth of retail transactions online which is a five-fold increase in the last 10 years and there is no sign, and no obvious reason, why this trend won’t continue to grow. Amazon recognised this 20 years ago but some of our best-known retail brands didn’t.

Consequently, Amazon’s share price is soaring whilst many high-profile retail brands are facing administration. The traditional model of retail on high streets is in rapid decline and e-commerce is where the battleground is now, starting in the warehouse. Read more

Logistics Outsourcing – 5 Reasons to Partner with a 3PL

January 29, 2018

Logistics is increasingly becoming a key differentiator when it comes to servicing customers and, reflecting this, supply chains are an area of rapid technological development. These two factors combined make it increasingly difficult for some companies to deploy the investment and retain the skill needed to remain at the front of the field when it comes to their logistics operations. In this article, we look at five reasons why a company might consider partnering with a 3PL. Read more

The Closing Technology Gap Between 3PLs and Shippers

January 17, 2018

Third Party Logistics (3PL) in the modern arena is only possible when you have the right information and data available in a form you can use. This is only possible through the implementation of the right information technology. The Third Party Logistics Study 2018 which was recently released demonstrates that collaboration continues between 3PL providers and shippers. We’re going in the right direction. We’re using data to our advantage for good decision-making and supply chain management. This is all thanks to the use of IT. Read more

Pre-Tender Announcement, UK Transport Contract – Oct 17

October 2, 2017

Paul Trudgian Ltd have been engaged by a large-scale UK food manufacturer to tender their domestic transport requirements on a 3-year closed-book contract commencing in 2018. This is a pre-tender announcement for transport providers to register their interest in receiving the full Invitation to Tender (ITT) which will be issued on Thursday 12th October 2017. Read more