Same-Day Grocery Delivery May Be Closer Than You Think

December 19, 2017

As customers, we all know that feeling of wondering how you’ll fit in the weekly food shop around work and family commitments. Fortunately, in the UK, we are becoming increasingly accustomed to turning to online grocery shopping instead. In fact, this year, online grocery sales are expected to total £11.1 billion, a 15% increase on 2016. Interestingly though, it’s news from the US which is making the latest headline for change in the grocery market. Read more

Demand Forecasting and the Rise of the Hashtag

December 14, 2017

The retail industry has many tricks up its sleeve when it comes to predicting the customer and getting a hold on accurate demand forecasting. However, most of these tricks rely on customers past purchasing behaviour predicting future behaviour. It kind of works. However, it’s outdated and there are now other means of demand forecasting that can be more accurate. The humble hashtag being one of the new kids on the block. Read more

What’s On the Horizon for Supply Chains in 2018?

December 13, 2017

The world of supply chain management is continuing it’s rapid development, with AI and digitisation now deployed in many large organisations and starting to scale for small and medium sized companies. As we approach the end of the year, what’s on the horizon for supply chains in 2018? What are the constants that will continue afoot, what lessons have we learned, and what trends will be developing as we head in to the new year? Read more

The Advancement of Technology in Inventory Management

December 10, 2017

Inventory Management has long been a headache we suffer, and an unwieldy beast we attempt to tame. It’s a complex and demanding task of checking and rechecking stock, and never actually quite being able to say ‘job done’ before it all changes again. Yet it is imperative to the successful running of any retail or manufacturing business. When mistakes happen, they hit the business in two main ways: cost and inefficiency. Read more

How Same-Day Delivery is Affecting Logistics Management

December 8, 2017

Same-day delivery represents the pinnacle of the modern customer’s expectations. In the customer-driven supply chain landscape we are now operating in, finding a way to meet that expectation is paramount. However, what consequences and effects is same-day delivery having on logistics management? Is this a headache or a solution? Read more

Food and Drink Warehousing: The Increasing Need for Automation

December 5, 2017

Automation is becoming the name of the game in warehousing, but in some instances, it is needed more than in others. Two primary factors are driving the requirement for food and drink warehousing to fully embrace automation: a fall in the availability and quality of labour, and the noticeable increase in costs that the UK is facing. Read more