UK Takes Big Step to Tackle Modern Slavery in Supply Chains

August 11, 2017

Corporate social responsibility is a big issue for businesses. Consumers are actively seeking out businesses that have integrity, decent values, and give back. It’s not enough to just ‘say it’, but businesses have to live by it too. This means upholding ethical values throughout the supply chain, not just at the point of sale. In the UK, businesses that don’t ensure their suppliers uphold ethical values are now at risk of fines and a potential 2-year prison sentence. Read more

Could Underwater Storage Become a Reality?

August 7, 2017

It might seem like the work of fiction, but Amazon has recently filed a patent for storage facilities they have designed to work underwater. These ‘Aquatic Storage Facilities’ are simply another Amazon solution to logistics problems. Given that Amazon are industry leaders, frequently setting the trend for the latest advances in the logistics and warehousing industry, we can’t write this latest development off as a pipedream. Underwater storage might be the storage solution that’s going to change the landscape of logistics – literally. Read more