Planning for Natural Disasters in the Supply Chain

October 26, 2016

The key to managing the detrimental impact of natural disasters in the supply chain is not to be at the stage of asking what to do once the natural disaster has happened. To mitigate the risk from natural disasters in the supply chain it is imperative to plan for them. Here’s a few thoughts on doing just that. Read more

Managing Demand Driven Supply Chains

October 14, 2016

Not so long ago those at the top of the supply chain were the source of demand, a push-driven process where demand could be carefully managed and contained. With a complete shift in the global marketplace, and with the advent of the digital age, this traditional supply chain structure has been largely turned on its head. Read more

What Is Dash Ordering? A Review of Amazon Dash

October 6, 2016

Imagine a world where your consumer has the power to move from thinking they need an item, to placing an order in seconds, and it being dispatched within 30 minutes. Imagine the revolutionary power for retailers, but also for the entire supply chain. This isn’t futuristic thinking: it’s here, in the UK, with Amazon Dash. Read more