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The need for end-to-end supply chain visibility and an increased focus on demand-driven manufacturing is a prerequisite of any modern supply chain. Synchrono, a specialist in Demand-Driven Manufacturing Software, has recently published a white paper entitled ‘End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility Technology’. This is a powerful and revealing document highly pertinent to modern supply chains.

The ‘End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility Technology’ white paper identifies and presents the scope of new technologies that are enabling end-to-end supply chain visibility. It goes further to link this to modern Demand-Driven manufacturing. From here it presents guidance on how you can build a business case for end-to-end supply chain visibility in your organisation and supply chain. It does this by looking closely at the ‘how’, ‘why’, and ‘where’, that Demand-Driven Manufacturers are investing in today.

Synchrono – Why Their White Paper Matters

Synchrono are a big name in the technology world relevant to supply chains, and can be considered a leader in the field. They have software systems that are designed specifically with on-time demand-driven manufacturing in mind. They are capable of transforming businesses by, in their words, “synchronising your workforce, methods, machine, materials, information and more, in real-time.” Their focus is a demand-driven ‘visual’ factory of the future.

Synchrono are going to be demonstrating their own solution, SyncView, their manufacturing visualisation and communication system, at various US industry events in the upcoming weeks and months. Their solution is offered on a component basis which can be selected on a ‘pick and mix’ basis.

What the ‘End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility Technology’ White Paper Reveals

The document regarding end-to-end supply chains and technology addresses a central concern of supply chain managers: visibility. It takes a comprehensive look at the newly available cloud-based technologies that enable this powerful level of visibility. It goes further to link it together with the ultimate goal of supply chains – demand-driven manufacturing.

The paper intricately looks at the data available through the Internet of Things (IoT), outsourcing, and globalisation, and how this data is driving a higher requirement for visibility in today’s supply chain world. It presents the current problems facing our supply chain managers and how they can be solved and alleviated by cloud-based technology.

The idea of this cloud-based technology is to make the entire supply chain more integrated and connected, making it easier for the relevant sections of the chain to dip in and out to what they need in terms of visibility.

What Else Does the Paper Address?

Furthermore, in the context of this cloud-based technology, the white paper goes on to address some additional points.

It looks at how visibility is radically changing the face of supply chains through the freeing up of valuable data. The beauty of the Internet of Things is this ability to share real-time data, not just from section to section, but to machines, manufacturing processes, sensors, tools, suppliers and more. It can streamline processes like nothing before, as well as bringing added accuracy. Utilising the cloud in these technologies takes it a step further. All of a sudden you have instant ability to use the data that is valuable to your stage, visualise what’s coming, and analyse for future use.

The White Paper throws in to sharp relief how closely linking demand-driven manufacturing and end-to-end supply chain visibility creates a central supply chain planning system, which is recorded ‘as it goes’, and fuels collaboration between all relevant parties and resources. The result is highly optimal production processes throughout the entire chain. Usefully, case studies are included so that you can see how and why solutions are implemented.

For those considering the changes in technology for their own supply chain, information is presented about what you need to look for in your selected technology, as well as how to implement changes. It outlines what you need to consider, and what actions you may need to take, when looking at the available options.

This is finished off by providing insightful guidance regarding how to make the business case for end-to-end supply chain visibility technology for you. It does this by identifying where real investment is taking place already.

Why is Visibility Essential in Today’s Supply Chains?

The reality is that the internet has completely transformed the way supply chains work. The ultimate result is that supply chains are far from supply-led, as they once were. The control is now in the hands of the consumer, the end of the chain, and as such our supply chains are demand-driven. Not only this, but they need to be capable of adapting and change to real-time demand. None of this is possible without a higher level of visibility.

The good news is that the very technology that has caused the fundamental shift in supply chains can also be the solution. Visibility, at the level we need, is only possible by embracing the Internet of Things, and cloud-based technology. This is how to meet the needs effectively of demand-driven manufacturing. It’s about bringing ease to a highly complex scenario.

Successful Supply Chain Managers are no stranger to having to rapidly embrace new technology. Perhaps more than any other industry, supply chains have undergone enormous seismic shifts of change due to the technology-beast. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still change to come. Realising where that change is happening, and why, and how we can embrace it ourselves, in crucial to the future success of our own supply chain.

Transforming Technology – Increasing Visibility

Visibility, carefully thought through, and strategically managed through the different elements of the supply chain, is becoming central to success. Knowing how to bring about this much needed level of visibility through technology, and crucially, how to implement it ourselves, is going to define our success in the future. The supply chain is a harsh world for those who don’t embrace change and technology. Understanding why it is needed, and what can be done to implement it, and how it has worked for others, is paramount.

You can download the ‘End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility Technology’ white paper, by Synchrono. If you would like to speak to one of the consulting team at Paul Trudgian on any aspect of demand forecasting or production planning then please call us today.

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