Cyber Supply Chain Risk Examined

December 1, 2018

International supply chains are becoming increasingly complex over time. A consequence of this is that it becomes increasingly difficult to spot vulnerabilities and risk in a timely manner. This most notably applies to cyber risk, which increases as complexity does, worsened perhaps by our desire to use technology to mitigate the very complexity that is at the root of its need. Read more

How Security Problems Affect the Supply Chain

September 18, 2016

Supply chains in the current global marketplace need to have small margins and be tightly-run ships to meet supply, satisfy demand, and ensure profitability.

However, with such tight links in the chain as well as the multiple links themselves, supply chains are uniquely more vulnerable to security risks than standalone businesses. Security issues can wreak havoc, yet are commonly overlooked. Read more

Cyber Security in Supply Chains

February 4, 2016

CERT-UK, the UK National Computer Emergency Response Team, has published advice which aims to help businesses better understand the risks of cyber-security in supply chains. Read more