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Paul Trudgian Ltd have been engaged by a large-scale UK food manufacturer to tender their domestic transport requirements on a 3-year closed-book contract commencing in 2018. This is a pre-tender announcement for transport providers to register their interest in receiving the full Invitation to Tender (ITT) which will be issued on Thursday 12th October 2017.

Quotations will be invited from both major providers, who can meet the full national requirement, and regional providers who may wish to tender only for specific lanes.

Scope of Requirement

The company distribute from two, in-house managed, warehouse facilities  – one in North Yorkshire and one in North Cambridgeshire. The North Yorkshire facility is co-located with a manufacturing site and the North Cambridgeshire facility supports a manufacturing site located 40 miles away in Norfolk. The capacity for locating core fleet at these sites will be confirmed in the ITT.

The average annual despatch volumes are 50,000 pallets, with the majority of volume (44,000 pallets) being despatched from the North Cambridgeshire site. The business has a heavy seasonal bias with the peak season running September through to March.

A large proportion of deliveries are full loads through the major multiple channels, but there is also an element of LTL required for smaller UK retailers.

In addition to the distribution of pallets to customers, a transport service is also required for shunting finished goods, raw materials and ancillary items between the warehouses and manufacturing sites. It is expected that shunt volumes will be in the region of 150,000 pallets per annum.

The product is ambient, however there is a need for temperature management during June/July/August to prevent heat-shock to the product. This is currently managed through temperature controlled trailers but the company are also investigating insulated pallet sleeves and this will be clarified in the ITT.

Summary of Key Requirements

  • Full loads through the major multiple channels and LTL for smaller retailers;
  • Delivery of 44,000 pallets pa from North Cambridgeshire;
  • Delivery of 6,000 pallets pa from North Yorkshire;
  • Shunting of 150,000 pallets between manufacturing and warehouse sites;
  • Ambient food product with some temperature management required in summer;
  • 3-year closed-book contract starting in 2018;
  • Full and part quotations being sought from both national and regional providers;
  • Warehousing and inbound supplier movements not in scope.

Next Steps

If you are interested in tendering for this opportunity, please provide your company and contact details to [email protected] with the reference ‘UK Food Distribution Contract’.

Once we have your details we will contact you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement. We will then confirm the provider list with the client before issuing the ITT on Thursday 12th October.

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