How Same-Day Delivery is Affecting Logistics Management

December 8, 2017

Same-day delivery represents the pinnacle of the modern customer’s expectations. In the customer-driven supply chain landscape we are now operating in, finding a way to meet that expectation is paramount. However, what consequences and effects is same-day delivery having on logistics management? Is this a headache or a solution? Read more

Food and Drink Warehousing: The Increasing Need for Automation

December 5, 2017

Automation is becoming the name of the game in warehousing, but in some instances, it is needed more than in others. Two primary factors are driving the requirement for food and drink warehousing to fully embrace automation: a fall in the availability and quality of labour, and the noticeable increase in costs that the UK is facing. Read more

The Importance of Forecasting for Omnichannel Grocery Sales

December 4, 2017

According to a UK based report by Progressive Grocer, titled the 84th Annual Report of the Grocery Industry, only 12.2% of grocers have a “fully integrated strategy” for omnichannel retail. Whilst the American grocery market is quite different from that in the UK, this is interesting because omnichannel retail is on the rise in the majority of sectors. The American grocery industry being behind the game is perplexing. Read more

Practical Advice for Improving Inventory Management

December 3, 2017

Inventory management news isn’t always the most exciting. As such, we’re easily drawn to headlines such as those pertaining to Amazon’s inventory management drones. However, is this just pie in the sky for the majority of us? Or do we need to start realising that the practical advice concerning the future of inventory management does involve these exciting headlines for everyone, and we need to get with the programme? Read more

The Changing Face of Demand Planning

November 30, 2017

Demand planning is a supply chain management process that is all about predicting what’s coming. It’s a way of viewing the future not as an unknown, but instead getting the inside scoop on what is likely, probable, realistic, and not. It’s about trying to get accuracy out of hunches and guesstimates. In the modern supply chain, where margins are tighter than ever, it’s essential to get right. Read more

Tactical Supply Chain Planning: Design, Deploy, Repeat.

November 27, 2017

Tactical supply chain planning is not a project – it should be a perpetual cycle, constantly evolving the performance of a supply chain. Supply chains have too many variable links that will thwart even the most robust of tactical plans if it isn’t in constant review. The configuration of a warehouse, the storage equipment in use, transport mode selection and manufacturing allocation are just some of the key elements of tactical design that need to be in perpetual assessment. Read more