Logistics News Roundup - Friday 18th January 2019
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Welcome to the latest news round-up for 18 January 2019. There’s been a lot happening in the world of logistics this week, from new partnerships in the development of e-vehicles to advice for the paper industry in how to improve productivity. Here is a selection of the most interesting highlights….

An additional £2m to be invested in a safer fleet by McGee

With the ambition to boost road safety, while exceeding environmental compliance and optimising efficiency, McGee announced this week a further investment of £2m in their truck fleet. A key new safety feature, which will be fitted to all tipper lorries, is the side strobe indicator, developed by Nottingham Trent University in partnership with McGee. This innovative safety feature works with the existing indicators to aid other road users, such as cyclists, in identifying when and where the lorry will turn. McGee is the first contractor to invest in this safety feature across its fleet. The lorries are also fitted, as standard, with additional safety features, such as lowered door windows to improve the driver’s view of other road users.

McGee invests a further £2m in a safer truck fleet

Increasing sales in 2019 predicted by confident online retailers

The Royal Mail commissioned a study which reports this week that a majority of small and medium retailers are confident of an increase in sales in 2019. There are in fact nearly 7 in 10 retailers who believe there will be in improvement in sales in 2019 and who are looking to build their overseas market. The study identified that of the 70% of online retailers who currently trade overseas, 69% are looking to boost their overseas sales this year. A quarter of all respondents are planning to move into new markets and boost sales in new countries.  In addition, the report lists increasing sales to existing customers and simplifying the ordering and delivery processes as key to online retailers’ future plans.

SME e-retailers confident in sales increasing in 2019

Ford and Volkswagen establish partnership to boost development of e-vehicles

Ford and VW have announced this week that they have signed up to a partnership which will see them working together to boost the development of electric vehicles in the commercial vans market. Partnerships such as this one and announcements by other companies, such as Volvo, of increased investment in electric vehicle technology are evidence of a significant shift in the marketplace for electric vehicles. The agreement between VW and Ford could see them working together as soon as 2022 and, in the future, collaborate on the development of driverless electric vehicles and e-mobility services.

Shaping the next era of mobility

Investment in new equipment will boost productivity at DP World Southampton

A boost to investment will secure DP World Southampton’s place as the number one port, in terms of productivity, in the UK. DP World have announced this week that it will increase its investment in handling equipment to include the Hyster machine, which is able to lift two 40ft containers at the same time and stack to a greater height than the current machines are able to. The machines are constructed in Nijmegen, Holland, and are built to ensure compliance with EU emission standards. The efficiency which these new machines bring to the port are all part of a new project to further boost productivity and redevelop empty areas of the terminal.

DP World invests in new handling equipment

Future growth possible with material handling efficiencies

The Logistics Manager Magazine has published an article this week exploring the ways in which efficiencies in the handling of materials in the paper industry can be improved. It reports that 39% of CEOs in the packaging, paper and forest industries are extremely confident about future growth in the next year, with a further 50% confident of growth in the next 3 year period. The article makes the point, however, that a key element of growth will be delivering on improvements in productivity and employing increasingly efficient manufacturing methods. The article goes on to explore 6 ways in which productivity can be improved, including using an audit process to understand the supply chain of materials and goods, replacing out-of-date technology and utilising big data to analyse processes.

6 ways materials handling can help increase production capacity

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