Logistics News 11th January 2019
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Welcome to our logistics news roundup for Friday 11th January 2019. Here we summarise and share all the latest news, insights and articles that we’ve found of interest during the week. Logistics is a fast-moving industry and, as always, there’s plenty happening…

Volkswagen announces bid to make e-mobility available to all its customers

A new power supply division will be launched by Volkswagen it has been announced this week, in a push to take e-mobility to mainstream customers.  A new brand called ‘Electric Life’, or Elli for short, will seek to provide customers with a range of services and products which support the use of electric vehicles, such as charging products, as well as meeting other energy demands.  Not only will Elli offer solutions to domestic EV charging, it will also offer renewable energy and energy management systems.

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Customer demand leads DSV to continue its warehouse expansion plans

DSV (UK) announced this week it will be expanding its warehouse footprint in the Cambridge and Northampton areas by an additional 300,000 sq2.  Growth planned by DSV in the UK will be boosted by this cutting-edge warehouse facility within the Peterborough Gateway Development.

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Hyundai unveils car with robotic legs at CES technology fair

The CES technology fair in Las Vegas has this week been treated to a ‘walking car’ display by Hyundai, who revealed this exciting concept after three years of development.  The small car has robotic legs which can be activated to walk over challenging terrain at a speed of 3mph (5km/h).  John Suh, vice-president at Hyundai, explained the car is aimed at providing a solution to first-responders in the wake of environmental disaster zones, such as areas that have suffered tsunamis or earthquakes, to enable them to deliver aid in the most challenging of rough terrains.

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A partnership between Mobileye and Ordinance Survey offers the possibility of fully digital connectivity across Britain

An Intel company, Mobileye has come to an agreement this week with the national mapping agency Ordinance Survey, to offer more precise location data of the national road network with the aim of creating a fully digital and connected road network.  This new data source, created by combining the world-leading expertise of Ordnance Survey with the car camera mapping abilities of Mobileye, will be of use to many different sectors, as well as aiding future developments such as connected self-driving vehicles.  Markets for this data source will also include the infrastructure and energy sector.

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Wincanton wins two five-year contracts with Weetabix

The two five-year contracts have been awarded by the Weetabix Food Company to Wincanton this week, who will provide packing, warehouse and transport services.  The operation will involve the storing and packing of goods in four warehouses. Wincanton will also manage the delivery of finished products and stock.

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Illegal drone use will be addressed by additional police powers

In response to the consultation on drone technology, the Government is taking forward plans to provide police with additional powers to address the misuse of drones.  The new legislation drawn up by the government, informed by 5,000 responses to the consultation document, will enable police officers to ground drones they are suspicious of and to demand the production of documentation relating to the drone.  In addition, where an offence has been committed and a warrant is in place, the police will have the right to seize drones and retain any data kept on the drone, as well as being able to search premises for further evidence.

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