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One of our clients is seeking a 3rd party warehouse provider to support them in migrating their warehouse facilities from a multi-site in-house solution, to a single site 3rd party solution.

The client imports and distributes a range of 350 consumer products and associated spares to around 400 UK businesses, including major retail chains and independent stores.

The requirement is for a 3rd party to undertake all receipt, palletisation, storage, pick and despatch of products. It is envisaged that the operation will be best suited to a midlands based multi-user facility.

The client processes in the region of 15,000 customer orders per annum, with an average of 3 lines per order. Picks are predominantly full pallets but there is also some carton picking requirements. Typical stock holding is around 3,500 pallets.

In addition to the despatch and storage, there will also be approximately 10 inbound receipts per week, the majority of which will be containerised imports. Each container is mixed and only 10% will be palletised, consequently a significant level of handball will be required.

The operation will be single day shift, Monday to Friday, with order-picking day 1 for despatch on day 2. Transport is undertaken through pallet and courier networks which is currently out of scope, but may be discussed in the future.

This opportunity is being competitively tendered and the tender will be issued on 29th April against a 3-week response time. If you are interested in this opportunity please kindly email [email protected].

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