Why You Need a Robust Demand Planning Strategy

January 9, 2018

Supply chains have made a big shift over recent years: we’ve watched as customer demand has gradually gained greater power. For the most part, we’re generally adapting to this challenging environment well. However, within the shift towards a customer led, and dominated, marketplace there’s one thing we frequently see isn’t tough enough – your demand planning strategy. In the current supply chain landscape, you need a tough demand planning strategy which has been developed to withstand the bashing waves of customer demand. Read more

Preparing Your Supply Chain for Extreme Events

January 3, 2018

The last 12 months has been shocking for extreme natural disasters. We’ve seen extreme flooding and monsoons in Asia leaving over a thousand dead and many more affected. We’ve seen an earthquake in Mexico City in September which killed more than 200 people. There have been extreme wildfires in Europe and North America and, of course, hurricanes Irma and Harvey. For supply chains, these extreme events come as a reminder that you need to have a supply chain disaster-recovery plan ready to swing in to action should you need it. Read more