How to Determine a Products Maximum Level of Inventory

January 30, 2018

There’s a common thread on many industry discussion forums posing the question – ‘how can I determine a maximum level of inventory for a product?’. As with many aspects of supply chain management and optimisation, there isn’t a single answer. Due to the variables of supply and demand, along with business and product characteristics, there are many caveats to standard approaches. However, in this article we’ve gone back-to-basics to give the answer from first principles. Read more

Logistics Outsourcing – 5 Reasons to Partner with a 3PL

January 29, 2018

Logistics is increasingly becoming a key differentiator when it comes to servicing customers and, reflecting this, supply chains are an area of rapid technological development. These two factors combined make it increasingly difficult for some companies to deploy the investment, and retain the skill, needed to remain at the front of the field when it comes to their logistics operations. In this article we look at five reasons why a company might consider partnering with a 3PL. Read more

So, You Want a Free Hamster in Every Box? Why Logistics Should Question Sales

January 28, 2018

Sales teams naturally follow the beat of a different drum than logistics operations. The drive of sales is of course to sell and ensure they meet every feasible market requirement. The drive of logistics is get those sales to customers at the expected time and cost. However, very often there’s a conflict between how the product is being sold and the ability of logistics to meet the terms of the sale. Customers may well want a free hamster with every order, but logistics might struggle. Read more

Why the IoT Could Be a Leading Inventory Management Tool

January 25, 2018

According to RSR’s (Retail Systems Research) benchmarking report regarding the Internet of Things (IoT), which was released at the end of last year, 98% of ‘Real Winners’ (defined as those that are the most successful in the industry) describe inventory management across the enterprise as incredibly important, and driven by the IoT. The role of the IoT, and not simply inventory management alone, is an interesting take and points toward the IoT unexpectedly helping with inventory management and not just customer management. Read more

Five Objectives for Every Supply Chain Director

January 24, 2018

The role of a supply chain director is to control the movement of material from source to end customer. The remit is simple, but the execution is far from it. The constraining factors on material and information flow across any supply chain make the task challenging and occasionally very near impossible. Supply chains are exposed to a plethora of variables, from supply decoupling points through to customer service level agreements, and every logistics movement in between. In this article we discuss five objectives that every supply chain director should have on their agenda. Read more

Why Food Industry Supply Chains are Piloting Blockchain

January 24, 2018

Blockchain technology is most likely one of the biggest trends hitting businesses over the coming year. Blockchain has the potential to make international supply chain transactions seamless, efficient, accessible and most importantly fully secure.We’re already seeing big businesses such as Unilever, Walmart, Dole and Nestle making inroads, in partnership with IBM and major banks, through a food industry consortium set up last year. The aim of this consortium is to establish how to utilise blockchain technology within their food-specific international supply chains. Read more