A Back to Basics Explanation of Supply Chain Management Systems

October 26, 2017

Information technology in the supply chain, and specifically systems that manage the flow of goods and information across the supply chain, is becoming ever more advanced. With this advancement, complexity is growing as expansions in functionality start to overlap traditional boundaries. So, we thought we’d take the opportunity to do a back to basics explanation of the primary systems that all physical supply chains should have deployed as a minimum. Read more

How to Improve Warehouse Storage (if you’re not Amazon…)

October 25, 2017

Online shopping is booming at an exponential rate. However, many companies often overlook the absolute bedrock of the supply chain: the warehouse. With consumers expecting lightning fast delivery speeds, the success of a retailer depends on their warehousing and their supplier’s warehousing. The humble warehouse might be behind the scenes, but it is absolutely integral to the overall success of the supply chain and a company’s ability to match supply and demand. Read more

Why Unilever Tops the Gartner European Supply Chain Ranking

October 24, 2017

Gartner release annual reports which rank supply chains against each other according to relevant and highly topical criteria. In September, Gartner announced their 2017 European rankings of the top 15 supply chains. This year Unilever, Inditex, and H&M have claimed the top 3 spots. Read more

Taming the Supply Chain Beast

October 20, 2017

An effective supply chain is utterly integral to the overall success of a business. However, what we frequently see is the supply chain being boss, simply by being such an unwieldy beast. Instead of working for your business, you have become the feeders of this out of control beast. It shouldn’t be like that. Tables should be turned. The supply chain should be streamlined and effective so that it works for you, and copes with the modern demands of business. Read more

MIT’s Accidental Product Price Optimisation Model

October 19, 2017

Working out how to set and amend prices for products – to ensure that they are optimally balanced – has always been a tall order. It’s been a time-consuming process which hasn’t been easy to scale up to the boom of the ecommerce world. With ecommerce everything moves faster, and identifying optimal product prices using old methods is impractical and cumbersome, and will be outdated the moment it is set. Read more

The Changing Face and Challenges of Urban Logistics

October 18, 2017

City centres are facing a massive challenge due to congestion and pollution. For example, journey times in Central London have been rising 12% year-on-year. All city centres are experiencing a greater number of van and truck traffic – likely down to the immense change that ecommerce is bringing. Read more