The Future of Supply Chain Management

February 20, 2017

Taking a few moments to reflect on the future of Supply Chain Management is crucial to the future success of your business. We understand this can be difficult in an industry that is continually adapting to change – however it really is important. Supply chains are rapidly evolving and increases in consumer expectations are not just driving change, they are demanding it. Read more

Building Resilient Planning Capabilities

February 20, 2017

Supply Chains are continuously morphing entities. Those who are therefore responsible for the oversight and management of a supply chain will find their work is never done, and is somewhat akin to cleaning windows on the Shard: you never complete the job. Continuing quests for efficiency are paramount, but it’s near impossible to say you’ve ever reached your goal. Therefore, it is essential to build resilient planning capabilities if you want to be sure of weathering the future, and continuing efficiencies regardless. Read more

S&OP: Don’t Develop Your Supply Chain Without It

February 2, 2017

All too often supply chain development, and investment into supply chain assets, is focused on a single plan at a fixed point in time, be that a budget or a longer term strategic intention. However, plans change in line with market conditions. This article discusses how S&OP can be used to ensure that supply chain development and investment can be made responsive to those changes. Read more